Welcome to Tanny's Web Site, this site is about Buenos Aires city & Argentine information. Have a good time, Thank you.

Thank you for your visiting in my site!

I'm Tanny, japanese woman who has lived in Buenos Aires 3 years an 3
month, from 1998 to 2001. I started this site in 1998 when I was living in
Buenos Aires, since then I am pusblishing general information about
Argentina and Buenos Aires.

You can find information about life, culture, nature and other issues, which
I am personally interested in, regarding Argentina as well as aspects of
this country which called my attention.

Personally I'm interested in all the music of Argentina, I would like to
help to spread this music, sharing them with you.

You can also find chapters with information regarding La Plata River area
(not only Argentinian side but Uruguayian side too) which I love, as well as
my travel experiences to neighbourg countries.

I'm living in Japan now, but I will continue publishing updated information
through my contacts with Argentina.

** If you have comments related with content of this site and you want share
it, please kindly leave your message in my guest book.
In case I consider that content of message is not proper to the content and
policy of this site, it will be deleted without any notice.

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